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Stake your Energy Web Tokens to provide energy access

This staking pool is operated by Energy Web on behalf of ENGIE Energy Access and the Energy Web Community Fund. Crowdfund for Solar is ENGIE'S first proof of concept to test the potential of decentralized finance in bringing new solar installations for energy-deficient communities.
Crowdfund for Solar is powered by the Energy Web's open-source technology stack, specifically the Decentralized Identifiers and the public Energy Web blockchain. See the results of a successful smart-contract audit here.
The Energy Web Community Fund, dedicated entirely to enhancing Energy Web’s open-source technology stack and expanding its real-world use, is supporting this proof of concept by covering the repayment risk and guaranteeing the repayment of original stakes plus rewards.
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Problems Addressed by the Crowdfund for Solar

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Globally 759 million people - 1 out of 10 - do not have access to electricity.



Sub-Saharan Africa accounts for 75 percent of the world's population without access to electricity.


Among the 20 countries that comprise the smallest share of population with access to electricity, all are located in sub-Saharan Africa.



Half of secondary schools in sub-Saharan Africa do not have power, which significantly restricts access to night time or evening classes, computers, internet, projectors and much more.



Despite being home to 17% of the world`s population, Africa currently accounts for just 4% of global power supply investment.



Around 2.6 billion people have to rely on dirty biomass fuels such as charcoal, coal and animal waste for cooking.

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How Crowdfund for Solar works

By joining Crowdfund for Solar with your EWT, you are increasing renewable energy access in the developing world. ENGIE Energy Access will use your EWT to fund the manufacturing of solar home systems (SHS) for people in need of reliable energy access in countries like Rwanda, Uganda, and Zambia.
The recipients (e.g. schools, households, and small businesses) will be able to lease-to-own these SHS, paying in affordable installments via mobile money. At the end of the repayment period, they own the system. These repayments will then be used to cover the staked EWT plus 10% in rewards to everyone who participated in this pilot on 17 May 2023 13:00. In this pilot, the Community Fund will cover all the risks in case of default or if the recipients need more time for repayment. So your stakes and rewards are guaranteed.
The pilot aims at collecting $100,000 worth of EWT, which will be locked for 1 year from the initiation.
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